About us


The San Martín Distillery, owned by the Industria de Licores del Valle (ILV), was inaugurated in 1987, with a production capacity of 18 million liters of alcohol per year (60,000 / day – 300 days). It closed its activity in December 2007 due to market conditions.


Ambiocom S.A.S. was born at the initiative of a private capital fund of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the region. In order to present a proposal and reactivate the Distillery, which is done through a business collaboration contract with the ILV (Industria de Licores del Valle)


We work every day in the construction of a better future with transparency, optimizing at all times our resources for a clean, safe, sustainable and profitable operation and production, where our human talent is the main actor of all our success.



We will be an innovative organization oriented to the generation of value and sustainability in all its fields committed to medium term with being the main supplier of alcohol and its derivatives for the liquor, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial sector in the national market and important actor in the international market.


High technology and quality products